A child that’s Loved And Valued Becomes A Valueable Asset To Society InThe Future -KEMI OYEDEPO

A child love and valued becomes a valuable asset to our society in the future

@Regrann from @cpyfamily – Happy Children’s day! As parents, we must strive to do better than our parents did with us. Place a lot of value on that child; spend time with him/her and get to know them very well. Give them room to speak and ask questions and relate with them as important beings. A child who feels loved, valued, even respected, will be a confident individual, a valuable asset to his or her generation! It remains well with them! Today and everyday, don’t fail to speak life over your children! *Our children are blessed and will fulfill destiny. *They won’t be victims of peer pressure but rather they will be worthy examples. *Good success will come easy to them as they work hard and acknowledge God in all their ways.
*Their health will not be tampered with. They will enjoy every stage of their lives with their minds, spirits, and bodies in tact. *May the hand of the Lord continue to deliver them from unreasonable people and keep them in safety! *May the grace to remain effective parents be ours in abundance. *Surely, our children will fulfill destiny in grand style and they will give us peace of mind in Jesus’ name, amen!

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