Bishop David Oyedepo angry against the killers of the priests.

Bishop David Oyedepo angry against the killers of the priests

Catholic priest are not farmers so why killing them?
It is a gang-up of some group against the church of Christ.

Whatever and whosoever is against the peace of this nation,
Anyone that make Nigeria unrest shall be lay down to rest today in the name of Jesus.
Many will be made to rest tonight.
He said’ You will not loose your children because of election.
Dont be fred, Nigeria can never be Islamized we will used spiritual forces if there’s any.
…still remembering the herdsmen killing people’
he said, God bring down this evil men thats killing human being because of animals. They be lay down to rest (die)
…when I pray God hears me, so anyone, any groups against the nation shall be lay down to rest even tonight.
” Curse be upon the evil doers.
Nobody can break the rules , so be worn and becareful.
Am smarter than rubbers, no thief can kill me because am in the center of God’s plan.
Right now you can’t get voters card, its has been kept.
They are doing this to ruin the nation over night.
Enough is enough of all these mess in the nation.

Praying for the church, he said, your peace no one will take.

The Perpetrators will pay for this
God bless you all!! go in peace and return with your testimonies.

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