Breakings: A Spinal Cord Man Healed Through IYANU Song (Elijah Oyelade)

Breakings: A Spinal Cord Man Healed Through IYANU Song (Elijah Oyelade). IYANU My God is a wonder We had a ninety minute worship meeting sometime ago and a man who had a spinal cord injury due to a fatal accident he had was seated in that meeting.

He had lived everyday since the accident in pains despite swallowing pills daily and also permanently on a lumber jacket for support because he had no money to travel to Indian for surgery as adviced by the doctors. I took note of him in the meeting because he was on the front row and was seated almost through out the meeting but I was not aware he had any challenge . About a week later this man came to testify that during the worship service the power of God went through his body like a cold sensation from his head down through his back though at that time he was not sure what was happening .

He said when he got home that day for the first time in two years he slept throughout that night like a baby with no pain. He then took off the support he had on and all the pains were gone. Few days later he went to the hospital to find out what was happening and he was confirmed completely healed and had no need again for the surgery .

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. Hebrews 13:8 (KJV) Our God is a Wonder IYANU


Iyanu – Elijah Oyelade

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