Magdalen – Worthy (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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Magdalen - worthy.jpg

Magdalen – Worthy (FREE DOWNLOAD). In this period of (spring FEAST ) Passover, is a declaration of salvation for man. The lamb of YEHOVAH came to make a transaction that everyone and all the prophets waited and spoke off, we are here today in his presence as sons, its because of the lamb without blemishes. He was made sin for us, who knew no sin. this was for LOVE for the inhabitants human of the planet Earth.Glory to Yehovah, for the messiah, redeemer’s king.
who was present while this planet earth was made perfectly, we then were made perfectly and placed in it (THE PERFECT Place). Yehovah/Jesus came to restore all things, to restore the lost tribes/ house of Israel and all who shall join in. We have offer for redemption! the choice is ours to make. happy Passover saints.

Prod. By Wilson Joel (@Musicmagnate)

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