(MUSIC): Kingsley Barnabas – It’s me oh God

Kingsley Barnabas - It's me oh God

(MUSIC): Kingsley Barnabas – It’s me oh God. My name is Kingsley Barnabas.O Ucheruaka. I am a minister of the blessed gospel, based in Abuja. A lover of the blessed Trinity, a child of God I write and I sing pure gospel songs and I am also a graduate from university of Jos faculty of law. 

” IT’S ME OH GOD” is a pure gospel inspirational song given to me by the Holy Spirit.      

: NOTE “ITS ME OH God” is not just a song but, it’s a heart cry and a prayer to God my helper.This song came when I was passing through serious troubles that made my love ones even family members began to judge my being born again. These troubles made me to began to feel so condemned, rejected, etc and that was when I began to cry to God and this inspiration came. Its me o God, day and night I will cry to him (God) calling on Him to help me out of these troubles and which of a truth He (God) indeed vindicated me. Because of my yearning, hunger and thirsty for Him. I decided to sign this song for the whole world to listen to it so that God will be lifted up. 

The inspiration came 2016/2017 when I began to developed the song through the help of the Holy Spirit. This song was produced 9th November 2021,of which the producer finished his own work and I received it on 7th December 2021.               Therefore, I believe and trust God that this life changing song will go round the world and win souls for JESUS CHRIST and for GOD THE FATHE  I officially authorized

a release of this song partnering with zionstars for free access to the song. 

Download, enjoy and share. 


Olafamouz is a Gospel music minister, Blogger, Graphic designer, Creative Artiste,  Digital Music Distributor/Promoter. He is the CEO and the Executive Manager of zionstars.com ,Zionstars Studios & Zionstars Records.

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