[Music & Lyrics]: Khemigeee – Agape Praise

Khemigeee - agape Praise

[Music & Lyrics]: Khemigeee – Agape Praise. Another lovely song in this season of love as Minstrel KHEMIGEEE back to back releasing songs and she titled this “AGAPE PRAISE”.

She said, Its an agape season and Reflecting on the love of Christ for mankind, am returning praise and love to him cos he loved us first and our love for him will be incomplete if we ever failed to show it to all, for love cover multitude of sins. (1 pet 4:8).

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Lyrics: Khemigeee – Agape Praise


It’s another agape.
Share love,
make we give God the praise

Love of God is shared abroad in our heart,
and We must love like he love us,
He rains on both the sinful and the righteous,
The sun shine on both the sinful and the righteous,
Why then do we differentiate among people and races?
The white,
the black,
The tall,
The dwart,
The thin and the fat.
The poor are getting poorer, and the rich are getting richer,
There’s inequality,
Know this for sure,
God loves all and we are all precious in his sight.


Call: celebrate love

Res: Make we give God
The praise

Call: God is love

Call: He gave his son

Call: In one Accord

Call: L – O – V – E

call: holding hands

Call: celebrate love

Call: demonstrate love

All: Celebrate love,
Make we give God
the praise (X2


He left his glory as he came down to earth,
No attraction that he should be felt,
He laid his life and gave to us life,
Move around,
give holy hug,
move around and
Lifting hands for God is love, demonstrate love

Repeat chr –

Call. Celebrate Love

     Res: Make we give
            God the praise


I got jesus, I got love,
The sugar in my tea,
The honey in my pap,
The love in my heart,
Seriously, ha ha
The Reason I laughed was Jesus,
I speak Jesus,
act Jesus
L-O -V-E
Christ loves,
I must love,
Showing love to the destitutes,
the ophan,
the neeedy,
the widow, the poor
And spreading the love of God abroad (x2
Holding hands together,
Together we stand,
You and me,
Together we stand,
Me and you,
Holding hands in love,
And wave those hands to Jesus,
Celebrate love (x3

Let there be love in the house,
Hus, love your wifey,
It’s an atmosphere of love,
Yuh yuh,
Love your neighbor as yourself,
I love you,
you love me
We are happy family,
With a great big hug from me to you

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