[Music & Lyrics: Sola Allyson – Alamoire (The moulder of good)

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[Music & Lyrics: Sola Allyson – Alamoire (The moulder of good). Sola Allyson has finally released her much anticipated song which she titled “AL’ÁMỌ̀IRE” which the meaning in English is “The moulder of good” also represent the name of God.” AL’ÁMỌ̀IRE” is also God’s name.

As Sola Allyson said:

This song AL’ÁMỌ̀IRE is to encourage, give you strength in God’s capability to change that story around you.No matter your present situation or what crime you have been convicted of or any ancestral problem you are facing today, AL’ÁMỌ̀IRE (God) is able to turn it around if On.

The Essence of AL’ÁMỌ̀IRE Gave me this task for your sake! Hope has to be spread abroad in the hearts of souls which are seeking, thirsty and almost despairing. My gift and all of my life will always spread this! For WHOEVER can identify and receive, just as Christ Did, my perfect example.



Lyrics: AL’ÁMỌ̀IRE by Sola Allyson.

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