(MUSIC): You do well by Uju Valentine


(MUSIC): You do well by Uju Valentine. Uju Valentine, the crooner of Heal the Land is back again with another single titled, “You do Well”, a journey that started in 2018.

“You do well” is a mid-tempo, heartwarming,, and thanksgiving sound with enlivening lyrics that express the wondrous working power of God. It’s a song born out of a personal encounter with God that can calm the storms of life at any time He chose no matter how turbulent it could be. Yes, I had my baby in September instead of the EDD slated for December. It’s a long story but this single intends to raise hearts and voices of thanksgiving to the ever merciful God. After being delayed, it is by divine orchestration that it is released now, reminding us that irrespective of the chaos that has hit the world, God is still


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