#OGA JESUS by Oluyinka Zibah (Story of blind Bartemeous)

Oluyinka ZIBAH - oga Jesus (audio)

OGA JESUS by Oluyinka Zibah (Story of blind Bartemeous). Another debut single coming straight from one the Nigeria prolific songwriter “OLUYINKA ZIBAH”.

This song was inspired by the Holy ghost himself giving her the details of how the song been written.

It’s story time,
A story of resilient man,
A story of a voice which is against all odds.

You can receive your testimony, miracle, blessings, healing and many more if only you don’t giving in for the obstacles around you.

Many resistants while he (The blind Bartemeous) was crying loud but he never listen to them them non allow their activities disturb him of receiving his healing.

Go, cry out loud to God because he’s ready to answer you.

Download, enjoy and share.


Olafamouz is a Gospel music minister, Blogger, Graphic designer, Creative Artiste,  Digital Music Distributor/Promoter. He is the CEO and the Executive Manager of zionstars.com ,Zionstars Studios & Zionstars Records.

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