Photo: Tim Godfrey Received Dr. Of Fine Arts In Us

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Photo: Tim Godfrey Received Dr. Of Fine Arts In Us. From Trinity Int’l University of Ambassadors In conjuction with Rock hills church where Dr. Sonnie Badu pastors, was where Tim Godfrey Received his Doctorate.

Down here is what Tim Godfrey said in expressing his profound joy and honor for this Achievement.

… We couldn’t afford sandals to go to school… We couldn’t afford Secondary school… And so much more …

When God wants to embarrass you,he doesn’t look at your background,
The Next time you see me, address me Appropriately

Thank you so much my friend and blooder #DrBadu @sonniebaduuk …You are a perfect and Absolutely Great example of what We preach about.Thank you for the recommendation..
And the amazing people of @therockhillchurch …. You are family already. What a service! We had an ENCOUNTER .
And a special thank you to @trinityiua probably the best Christian University in The USA for the Honour. .
I am so humbled… Thank you JESUS!!!

No caption could ever truly explain how I feel right now. If I had 10,000 tongues and words, it still won’t be enough to express my gratitude to the one who’s most deserving of all praise! GOD!
I’m still in awe of God’s goodness, Favour and Grace on my life! A Dr.? It’s So SURREAL!
My brother, Dr Sonnie badu thank you so much for being a Light with a Godly spirit that is untouchable!
Thank for the honor! You are irreplaceable!
I hope that my testimony and journey inspires you to never stop dreaming! Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE with GOD! God has a plan for you! His purpose for your life is greater than what you can imagine!
My heart is overflowing with gratitude!
to the beautiful people of therockhillchurch , thank you for being absolutely kind to me!
Many thanks to @trinityiua for the honor

Below Here’s what Dr sonnie Badu said

Work hard in silence and let your results speak for itself” is one adage I’ve always encouraged myself with. To God be the glory that indeed my sleepless nights are paying off. God has surely given me power when I least expected it in the United States and beyond.

Today, I’m glad to say that I serve as a board member of Trinity International University @trinityiua, a WOMI United Nations Ambassador with Mum Dr @iamdrjuanitabynum holding two honorary Doctorates; with another PHD looming to make it three…. and the list goes on as a recipient of the Life Time Achievement Award from the 45th President, hold the key to the city of Brooklyn New York, a recipient of Humanitarian Awards, to name a few. I have also been given the right to appoint who I deem fit for an award. It’s unfortunate and sad that where I’m from #Africa they place little or no value on these kinds of achievement, let alone on a foreigner. Because they don’t value what we do for our motherland.
Here in the United States, such achievements are a big deal because they open major doors. Therefore on this day, I’m in high spirit and with much accorded respect congratulate you my brother @timgodfreyworld. You have set a record and I will not let this go by easily. Love you very much. Congratulations!!

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