Tim Godfrey X Travis green-Nara is No.1 (Download now)

Tim Godfrey X Travis greene-nara is no.1.jpg

Tim Godfrey X Travis green-Nara is No.1 (Download now).Here’s another great news Fam; #NARA is NO1 streamed Song on YouTube
Indeed JEUS is Trending!
In a week + , it’s been topping different charts
No 1 song on itunes Nigeria

No 1 song on itunes in Ghana

No 1 streamed song on YouTube



No 6 Trending on YouTube
This is surely God’s hand at work!
I’m just in awe of all that God is doing,
Please Celebrate JESUS with me! He gets all the glory

The meaning of Christian is UNITY: united in love, spirit, and purpose. Philippians 2:2
1 Cor. 1:10
Our Worship opens up the Heavens When there’s Love, Unity, Oneness of Spirit and Sincerity of heart.
These take us to another level of grace, power and anointing where things begin to work seamlessly and in our favour!
Each of us as an individual may only be only average, but together we can accomplish amazing things.
We need each other and each member of the body of Christ is dependent on at least one other for the true release of the Spirit

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